What We Are Solving

Device Sprawl is Staggering

What you make and support is sprawled out and often running in places you don't control.
Organize, Access and Automate in a Split Ownership World

Most of Ops boils down to accessing, understanding status, checking logs, updating and running commands

A Little History

We made IView / VXPulse (you may know it by either name) in 2009/2010.
We then did master license agreements with Marco and Telarus respectively.
This was great for us, as our install base grew to 10K sites. We quitely
supported the product without chiming in. After many years we wondered
if both companies thought it was core to their business or would they like
us to take it back over. The answer was yes on both accounts and Servera will
be operating IView/VXPulse starting in Jan 2023
What Happens Next?

1) Nothing about your use of the tech will immediately change b/c of this. 2) An Account Manager will work with you to assign your contract and to update billing.
What Happens After That?

We have some big ideas on what to do with the product. One is kill the UI and build an entire experience around
a) being able to run and do what you need as fast as possible.
b) it would help you organize the insanity of supporting so many devices across so many locations. We look forward to getting your feedback during this process

About Us

Solving the Sprawl.

Founded in 2009. Servera
started as a small software firm
with good expertise in Voice, Video
and IoT. The company has grown
with an install footprint north of 10,000
server rooms. The company has been
cash positive without any external investment
since 2010. The founders Kerry and Kevin
Shih are now serial entrpreneurs with serveral
other successful ventures. The brothers have
returned to the helm of Servera to usher in
the next generation in 2023.



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